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hopin' everythings not lost   
08:14am 03/03/2006
mood: constipated
im in a quiet study hal right now.
its for homos
this computers O doesnt work unless i type it 300 times...the I is pretty balls too
well im hoping to....EAT YOU

god live journal sucks

(But I've been destitute)

08:35am 27/02/2006
mood: amused
yup...soo its been awhile SOOOO!?!?!?


yeah...break was reallly awsome

jamie's cocktail party kicked the bees knees right in the dildo filled assholes

im in school right now

and fucking tired as fuck

and hungary.

and listening to techno on my little guy

yeah so a lot has been going on in my boring little life...its not really that boring anymore im not gonna lie
its just...a lot

god i have a hang nail like a bitch

i feel weird typing right now because im in a quiet study hall and the keyboard is insanely loud!



(But I've been destitute)

Squatta's paradise   
11:03pm 04/09/2005
mood: accomplished
to sum up the summer...


i love Tracey:)

Squatts's Paradise forever

(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

12:42pm 07/08/2005
mood: discontent
I'm sitting here trying to get my flippin' speakers to work...dead silence...everyone asleep except me...like always...but yet not really because I usually have my music to sooth me.
My summer is going pretty good...I'm having a good time and all, lord knows I'm dreading for next month when school starts, but I'm making the best of it.
... i Still can't help missing the old pals, knowing that they surely don't miss me.
I shouldn't be so down in the dumps because i know that its not worth it but times just aren't the same. they are good and all..but different...way different.
it would be a different story if i saw my one true lover everyday but its not.
Ofcorse not.
Life has to be difficult and depressing.


(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

Dove-original Clean   
02:09am 17/07/2005
mood: hippie-like
Today I wrote the word "NIGGER" on the bottom of my deordorant stick.

(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

your still my biggest fan   
09:24pm 07/07/2005
mood: penised out
Well the summer is pretty laid back so far.
My birthday was the shit
I spent the whole weekend with my favorite person in the whole world
We went to Reel Big Fish the night before
I met some pretty awsome cats there that i will most def stay in tough;)



(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

You can just kiss off into the air   
02:34pm 25/06/2005
mood: excited
Things are looking up.
Yesterday I went to Christie's and swam. Her uncle made some good dinner and we ate cake...which by the way was the best thing that i have ever ate.
she helped me with a few difficulties that i was confused about...thanks Chrisite I heart you.
Oh my..i got some pretty fucking awsome cds too...encluding a box yet of velvet underground..for five flippin' dollars!..yeah i know i know
And yes...last night was Max Creek which was pretty fucking awsome...but was is even more awsome is tonight...
-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
-The Black Crowes
Wow am I syked!!!!
Tomarrow mourning My mommmy and Grama and I are going up to Ogdensburg and staying the night and then the next day going to pick up my brother:-D..im pretty fucking syked about that too..finally he gets to come home!

8 days 'til my brithday, bitches!

(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

you give me fever   
10:18pm 23/06/2005
mood: energetic
Well...went to Mere's today and went swimming and made taffy with her and Dev.
....was going to go to highfalls for a free concert but in the end my heart was content on hanging out with them...plus i wasn't really in the mood to go..i dont know why.

(But I've been destitute)

01:19pm 23/06/2005
mood: bored

Made by the fine folks at


(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

01:30pm 22/06/2005
mood: nauseated
The Summer is so far the shitiest thing thats ever happened to me.

(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

"i fuck white chicks and then make them rock Fubu"   
11:38am 17/06/2005
mood: BLACK!
Hey babies...Haven't updated in a while...but you know...went to a show Wednesday and its tradition to always update after a show.

So..Wednesday was the Streetlight Manifesto show. One of the funniest shows I have ever been to.
The first band...dont remember their name but they were pretty damn funny and I think they were good but noone else really liked them that much.

Public Aggravation were good as always...not their best, but still pretty damn good.

Next band...haha Whole Wheat Bread. I have never heard about them 'til Wednesday but they were decent...Their black stuff was better than their white stuff though;) infact...I found it very flattering that the fine looking one sang to Mere and I...WARD. I am wearing a shirt that i bought from them and it bares on the front "I love Black People"

Gym Class Heroes...the shit. all i have to say

Streetlight Manifesto...god I love them
And A shout out to all the Skanking kids...you guys are energetic and fun and i love you for that.

All my years going to shows and that is the first time ever i almost fell in a moshpit...well skank pit/ mosh pit. i am sort of excited.

I went around there for like...a half an our trying to find $7 dollars to buy a streetlight CD because i had 6 but i was short and the guy wouldnt give it to me haha....well unless i gave him weed to should him my goodies...but im so classy for that:-D

Anyway...enough about the show...even though im sure you want me to go on for ever and ever....
Today was the math exam..it was pretty easy...thank the lord, and next wedensday the science one...which is most likly going to be the hardest of all...then no more exams thank god. im soo sick ofthem, i just want the summer to come so i can sleep all day!! haha i am such a lazy kid.

(But I've been destitute)

I left my heart in San Fran   
04:35pm 07/04/2005
  Wow...i havn't updated in soo long....


(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

Shibby41019: you know 'beer before liqour, never been sicker'   
05:47pm 18/03/2005
mood: cheerful
oh yea...break is in session:-d

wow i have never said anything my phony


wow i am stoked about break it is going to be off the hizzy...plus, i already have some plans!...

tonight im going to see ammittyvilly horror with the kids, and then going to alyssa's...thats where our little quote above takes place;)

Sunday im going to ithica for a while with her two

and tomarrow or monday im hanging out with tori...alrright!

then a few days later going to montreal

Wedensday was a great night
Flogging Molly kicked major ass

I can't think of a place a want to be more everysingle night...i love music.

i got a new puppy, i wanted to name is brody but noone liked that except me so i think we are going to name her Nat...after natelie wood. shes wicked.
not as wicked as brody but hey...what are you gonna do?

alright peace out niggas

stay black.

(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

get addicted   
04:08pm 14/03/2005
mood: bored
Casualties show was sick.
had a fun shizime.
I want to slit the picture in Tracey's profile's throat..
thats all for now.

(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

Ello Poppy   
03:13pm 28/02/2005
mood: anxious
This vacation was really good.

Sunday was horrible as always thought, just thinking about having to go to school the next day, except it was even worse since the break and everything. I had a little trouble getting back to my sleep schedule.

Saturday night i decieded not to go to bed at all soo i could go to bed early on sunday and get up early on monday, but i broke and took a 5 hour nap from 3 to 7...soo last night i didnt fall asleep 'til 4.

I think it will be ok tonight though since im kinda sick, and i have been like...hallucinating all day from lack of sleep. God penis lickers are so rock.

So to sum my vaction up..lets see...last friday i went to the teen center...had fun cuz jessi is a riot...saw old buddys.
Saturday I went to the lockin, it was alright too, always saw old buddy's...made up with old buddy's, haha.
Sunday went to Alyssa's and watched Ray:-D Alyssa is always a fun girl to hang out with, and Ray is just amazing
Monday had Alyssa over at my moms
Tuesday through Friday had my darling Tracey over, which was the highlight of me week. I love to to death...nothing can amount to her. She's my best bro.
Fridat night I dececided to through her a little "going back home" party and invited Jessi over to hang out too, since I'm not fun enough for her!!! lol
That night was fun, we played in the snow, i got my hang stuck, la da da.
That night went to Jessi's had some crazy fun with her and alyssa and mr. B;).
Saturday went home, Jessi followed after and we watched one of the greatest movies alive...ClockWork Orange...BOO YA!!!!!!!!!

And to top it all off...The Casualties Show is not even in 2 weeks!!!!

Tracey is truely amazingCollapse )

(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

12:27am 27/02/2005
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(But I've been destitute)

09:58pm 24/02/2005

Whats your Led Zeppelin Theme Song?

(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

Funky ganster   
01:00am 24/02/2005
mood: i just saw tracey's penis
Hey ladies and gentlemen.
 Tracey's here and she's washing her face at the moment (thank the lord).

Tonight we went to the Little Theater and saw Finding Neverland..it was a pretty good movie...lol and then when we got back we watched this gangster movie, which was also very hardcore..it was called madhouse...yeah i know what your thinking....it suits me.

God I'm soo glad We have off of school for a week..I was getting quite sick of that bullshit. I'm sorry my journal updates are soo boring...i guess it goes with the owner, am i right?

funky gansters

Today me and The T-Bird we listening to some tunes, right? and I put some DKM in a decided to bust the cool as mirco phones out and sing to Tracey...THEN I busted out Coral Fang...and did Brody...it was pretty damn funny with the fact that i could never scream like brody.

I'm going to start a band and be the screamer...it's going to be kick ass

Wow im a loser.


(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

08:29pm 16/02/2005
mood: what the hell?!?
This week has been really weird.

I have been in the strangest mood ever i can't explain it.
But It's been ok.
Today I walked home from school with Alyssa and went to Tom Whals to get a job application..and acted really stupid I'd rather even think about it.

Wow I'm looking forward to break next week. Tracey will most deff becoming over for as along as i can keep her chained up..umm i mean...penis?

I wish I could F-ing go to the Slackers but hey, No ride.
I can't fucking wait 'til i get a car.

I just saw that Dr. Pepper Commecial that goes DO DO DO-MANAMANA that alyssa always talks about..jeeze

peace out nig's

(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)

There is a better world   
08:35am 13/02/2005
mood: penis
:x: name:Amber
:x: shoe size: 7
:x: siblings: 2
:x: jr.high: johanna perrin
:x: elementary: holley
:x: hometown: rochester
:x: favorite place: my room
:x: favorite soda: cream soda
:x: favorite food:croutons
:x: favorite book: harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
:x: favorite pen: your penis
:x: favorite animal: hmm....cat?
:x: water brand: poland springs
:x: favorite burger place: maddy's
:x: favorite hobby: jerking it
:x: favorite friends: Tracey, Alyssa, and Jessi
:x: bar or club: MADDY'S! WHOA!!
:x: favorite vitamins: herbs
:x: favorite show: STRANGERS WITH CANDY!
:x: favorite news: CNN!
:x: gold or silver: silver
:x: favorite dog: fajah
:x: favorite shirt: my moms
:x: favorite sport: gymnastics
:x: favorite alcohol:....umm.....jack daniels?
:x: favorite computer: HP cuz it's the initials of harry potter
:x: favorite fruit: pineapple
:x: ketchup or salsa: salsa
:x: favorite milkshake: strawberry bannana
:x: steak or lobster: lobster
:x: favorite color: green or red but not together
:x: favorite weather: warm..not to hot
:x: favorite states: MASS!!(BOSTON ALL THE WAY NI'S)

:x: have a crush on someone:yeah
:x: wish you could live somewhere else: yes
:x: think about suicide: no
:x: believe in online dating: hahah...losers..no i dont
:x: think others find you attractive: HECK YES I DO
:x: want more piercings: yea bra
:x: like cleaning: fuck no
:x: like roller coasters:yes we's do
:x: write in cursive or print: both
:x: last talked to: alyssa
:x: last thought of: joe strummer
:x: last showered: yesterday
:x: last cut your nails: no
:x: last did laundry: yesterday
:x: last hugged a tree: LIKE ALL THE TIME
:x: last watched anime: i dont know
:x: last prayed: i pray to mom's all the time
for or against?
:x: long distant relationships: most of the time i'd say no
:x: killing people: GOD YES
:x: teenage smoking: people can do what they want, i dont think it's my place to say.
:x: driving drunk: umm no?
:x: gay/lesbian relationships: yeah..but you dont have to go around practically doing their boyfriend/girlfriend in public, same with hetero relationshipps too, though
:x: soap operas: god no
have you?
:x: ever cried over a boy: yeah
:x: ever been in a fist fight: yessssss:-D
:x: ever been arrested: once
:x: ever had a friend die:yeah
:x: ever dated a cousin: gross no way
:x: ever used a gun: a bee-bee gun and a water gun!
:x: ever french kiss: yes
:x: ever finished a puzzle: yes
:x: ever got surgery: yeah
:x: ever got beat up: by my brother and sister! hahaha
:x: ever hated someone: yea
:x: ever made a huge mistake: yeeeeeaaa
:x: ever tried any drugs: yess
:x: ever jogged a mile: yes
:x: ever had feelings for someone young: nooo..i like the older ones

:x: shoes do you wear: umm..maryjanes, and chuck taylors
:x: do you sleep in: tank top and boxers;)
:x: did you eat for lunch: food

:x: of times I have had my heart broken?: a few
:x: of hearts I have broken?: a few
:x: of boys I have kissed?: a few
:x: of guys/girls you've rejected?: a few
:x: of accidents you been in: a few
:x: of people you broke up with?: a lot

do you think you are?
:x: pretty: no haha
:x: funny: funny LOOKING
:x: hot: your retarded
:x: friendly: depends the person
:x: ugly: no
:x: lovable: depends
:x: caring: for some people
:x: dorky: yeah
:x: girly:hah no
:x: boyish:no
:x: smart: NO
:x: pimp:ofcorse...im a gangsta
:x: angel: hell no
:x: god: HECK YEAH I DO

:x: five letter word: AMBER
:x: comedian: jim bruewer
:x: candy: oh good that ones hard...either sponge candy or butter fingers
:x: cereal: cinnamon toast crunch
:x: chewing gum: penis
:x: day of week: friday
:x: least fave day: sundays
:x: jello flavor:uhh i dont eat jello
:x: summer/winter: autumn
:x: trampolines or swimming pools: wellll....if the swimming pool is a big underground one...the swimming pool, but if i was choosing between mine, i'd pick my trampoline
person who last?
:x: slept in your bed: me
:x: saw you cry: uhhh.....my mom when we watched Ray
:x: made you cry: Ray
:x: you went to the movies with: Naydia
:x: yelled at you: uhh.. my dad prolly
:x: sent you an email: TRACEY!

have you ever?
:x: said "i love you" and meant it?: yea
:x: gone out in public in your pajamas?: god yes
:x: kept a secret from everyone?: yeah
:x: cried during a movie?: yeah
:x: ever at anytime owned new kids on the block?: nope
:x: planned your week based on the TV Guide?:lol..noo, im not that big of a loser
:x: been on stage?:yeah
:x: been to New York?: yeah, i love new york
:x: been to California?: no..but want to HAIGHT AND ASHBURY STREET ALL THE WAY, MY BROTHER!
:x: been to Florida?: yeah
:x: Hawaii?: noo
:x: China?: eww god never
:x: Canada?: yep
:x: Europe?: i wish:-/ can't wait for that day to come
:x: what time is it now?:11:44
:x: apples or bananas?: apples
:x: blue or red?:red
:x: walmart or target?: target
:x: spring or fall?: fall
:x: what are you gonna do after you finish this?:take a nap
:x: what was the last meal you ate?: breakfast at lorraines
:x: are you bored?: a tad
:x: last noise you heard?: a song...alone again- the slackers
:x: last smell you sniffed: incense
:x: last time you went out of state/province?: last christmas?

:x: do you believe in love at first sight?:yeah
:x: do you want children one day & if so, how many?: dont want them
:x: most important thing to you in a friendship is?: being able to trust them

random stuff?
:x: criminal record?: hmmmm
:x: do you speak any other languages?: gaelic! i wish
:x: name some of your favorite things in your bedroom?: my walls and ceiling covered with awsome posters and tapestryies..and my pharmcy!!
:x: piercings and where?: ears
:x: worst feeling in the world?: regret
:x: whom you love: my mommmy

:x: nickname(s): Amdawg, ambo, sweet amberie(i love tracey), loser, ugly, retard..ect..
:x: initials: AEF
:x: how old do you look?: 16..i guess?
:x: how old do you act?: really old
:x: glasses/contacts?: neither
:x: do you have any pets?: yeah
:x: you get embarrassed?: yeah...and you can tell cuz my face gets really red!
:x: what upsets you? everything

(I fancy you | But I've been destitute)